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Who Will Pay Australia’s Carbon Tax?

November 9, 2011

Who will be liable to pay the carbon tax is the big question that everyone is asking:  investors, the public, and providers of solutions.

There is no publicly-available list.

Most recent data shows the largest emitters by company.  The list can be viewed here.

However, the tax is only payable if a facility generates over 25,000 t/CO2e.  Companies with facility emissions near that threshold will be working hard to reduce site emissions.  A company can emit well over that threshold in aggregate without paying the tax – so long as the 25,000 t/Co2e threshold is not met at any given facility.

For now, the company carbon emissions list will provide a good idea of those that will have to pay the carbon tax.  Now that greenhouse gas emissions have become a balance sheet and liability issue, public statements related to liability can be expected.

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