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Wind Turbines Harvest Birds the World Over: the Daily Show

October 28, 2011

Australia has a massive task ahead of it to reach the mandated national renewable energy target by 2020.  While most renewable energy technologies will have a role to play, including solar and geothermal, they are but bit-players to the leading role that wind power must take.

The main obstacle to wind farm development in Australia is well-understood:  community opposition.  It comes down to people not wanting their views obstructed, and a sense of unease at having massive rotating blades in their vicinity.

For legal purposes, as for opponents of other development types, environmental impact justifications are sought out to prevent development.  Famously, Australian turbine proponents have come up against the orange-bellied parrot.  In the UK, it’s hawks and the Royal Air force.

One wind farm developer in the US has problems with ducks.

Jon Stewart’s coverage of the issue in a show produced in August is amazing, and a must-see:  Fowl Wind. (unfortunately doesn’t seem to be accessible for viewers in the Australia).

It’s actually also reminiscent of a situation of which we are aware relating to hydropower: fish must be saved from the turbines…. so that they can be caught by anglers and die in the weir gates.

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