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Libyan Rebels to China: No Oil for You

August 23, 2011
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It looks like China might not get oil from Libya when the dust settles (if it settles).

We talked about this eventuality back in March this year. Specifically, we were interested in the ramifications for China’s energy security of their current non-interventionist foreign policy.   While China is by no means alone in being nice to tyrants for geopolitical purposes, this episode may very painfully demonstrate the serious threat to China’s interests presented by non-interventionism.

On Monday an official from the Libyan rebel oil company implied that China may not benefit from future oil contracts as a consequence of not supporting their cause.

And now China is worried.

Will China’s energy security concerns now cause a more nuanced approach to China’s foreign policy?  China stands to benefit from political sustainability where energy is concerned.  Perhaps this might influence its approach to promised gas and oil riches in the contested South China Sea around the Spratleys and Kurile islands.

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