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Carbon Immemorable and Unconscious

March 8, 2011

Perhaps it was a slight movement or flash of light in the corner of my eye, or perhaps it was just in spite of myself that I was drawn for a moment to the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald.  A distracted, myopic gaze.

It has been weeks now, I think.

There is a periodic indeterminate noise, a gurgle.  Occasionally on the evening news, occasionally a snippet of conversation in a cafe before the subject is changed. 

Gillard the goldfish, mouthing at the surface of the water. ‘Tax’ ‘working families’ ‘obligation…. responsibility’ ‘community consensus’.  Cutlass Combet scythes somewhere in the rear.

How do I know her?  Can I trust her?  I scribble around the comments on the post-it stuck to the polaroid.

I’m trying to arrange events and people in the right order, affixing those moments to occasions of personal note.  First emissions trading papers:  1999? Australia proactive at Kyoto.  Kemp.  Did that happen? scourge or saviour?  John Howard and emissions trading 2003.  I remember – I was living in Canberra.  Rio Tinto killing emissions trading:  2003, or was it 2004?  Hope for bipartisan support with Rudd and Turnbull in opposition – dashed in 2009?  When did Rudd go?  Turbull being knifed live on sky news on the big screen at Caltex, the day before their Executive Board reviews emissions investment proposals.

Staring at the night sky trying to place each star, but with the void of space – or is that carbon? – filling my vision while the points seem to enter and fade from sight.

Abbott has a plan for an army the England cricket team would be proud of.

The consensus isn’t there.  The monk claims the mandate isn’t there either.

How do I know him?  Can I trust him? I fumble with the polaroid and wonder what else to write.

Capital strike. Funding Costs.  Inflation.  Hanoi Heather.  Boom and bust.  Dutch disease.  Innovation.

Bluescope Steel.  Rio Tinto.  Dark voices mutter.  Voldemort.  Electricity prices up, REC prices down.  Market duopolies. 

The coffees arrive.  The bankers want to know whether the incorporation is Singapore or Hong Kong.  I look up.  Probably more ASEAN than China-focussed.  Singapore has good incentives.  The fundamentals stack up.  Frowning and reluctant about A380s and regional low-cost carriers, lack of personal space, grey polluted skies.  Follow the money.

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