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A New, Green Energy Retailer in Australia: GreenBox Group (was Jackgreen)

December 17, 2010

December 16 2010, saw the Annual General Meeting of defunct (in liquidation) ASX-listed niche green energy retailer Jackgreen with the purpose to vote to agree to the reverse acquisition, and name change, to GreenBox Group Ltd.  It is a wholesale change to the company, and potentially to the Australian energy retail market.  The original green energy retail company collapsed spectacularly in 2009.

GreenBox is the first mover in the Australian smart energy retail market – linking smart technologies to a consumer electricity service offering. 

With a duopoly in energy retail cemented this week through the sale of NSW’s retail assets, and prices heading north in a hurry, the GreenBox solution has the potential to rip the heart out of the incumbent retail electricity customer portfolios through offering cost-saving, energy efficient opportunities – putting the power back into the consumers hands.

Here is what they propose to do:

We’re rolling out an easy to use home energy manager which will show you how much power you’re consuming, what it costs and will take action for you to reduce your bills without affecting your comfort levels.

At the heart of our energy management service is GreenBox, a powerful computer which wirelessly communicates with energy consuming appliances in your home.

Using our easy to use online energy profiler you, not your energy company, will set GreenBox to optimize the way power is consumed.

You may choose to:

  • Set the air conditioning to come on before you get home when power is cheaper
  • Have lights turned off when they’re not in
  • Manage standby power to reduce waste
  • Have the washing machine and dishwasher run at the cheapest times of the day

Secure control, any time, any place

You’ll be able to control your GreenBox from anywhere via the internet. We provide private, safe, secure access to your settings and consumption data.

Your settings can be easily overridden if you decide, for example, that you want to turn all of your lights on.

Taking the effort out of being energy efficient

The GreenBox home energy manager will take the effort out of being energy efficient and keep you in control of your spend as energy bills are rising. With GreenBox you will benefit from:

  • Transparency: real-time access to your energy consumption data means you can always see what you’re using
  • No effort: the set-and-forget service will save you running around the house to turn off appliances and you can remotely change settings whenever you need to
  • Savings: reduced energy bills can be achieved through small savings which won’t affect your comfort or lifestyle

Upon approval by the Jackgreen shareholders, GreenBox will rapidly now be in a position to go to market, as they can raise capital through the public markets, and have a retail license, systems, and customer database all already in place. 

It should be an exciting and interesting year.  This is potentially the shake-up that the Australian energy market needs. 

You heard it here first.

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