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Australian Government Tells Business Climate Change Advisory Roundtable to Swallow Carbon Price

October 18, 2010

Today, the Australian Government announced the composition of two roundtables on climate change  – one industry, the other non-governmental. 

 The stated purpose of the business roundtable is ‘to engage the business community on the Government’s Climate Change policies’, with the roundtable ‘providing a critical role in providing advice to the Government’

The Government agenda is clear, however: business is invited to agree with the Government’s position on carbon pricing.

In the media release from Greg Combet’s office the Government tells business what to think and the advice it is looking for:

The Hon. Greg Combet, AM, MP

The introduction of a carbon price will reshape the business environment for all Australian companies, providing businesses with the certainty they need.

Business leaders around the country understand that if we are to remain internationally competitive over the long term, then our industries must become less carbon intensive.  The best way of doing this is by establishing a carbon price in the economy.

The simple fact is that (….) introducing a carbon price is the only economically responsible thing to do.

Australian industry has failed to agree to carbon pricing in Australia for ten years.  Government attempts to bulldoze through on a position in the past has failed.  A minority Government may not have any greater success.  Is success the ambition of this initiative?

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