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Non-OECD Coal Responsible for Most Global Emissions Increase

October 11, 2010

The International Energy Agency (IEA) last week published global data for emissions from fuel combustion for 2007-2008.

It shows that CO2 emissions in Annex 1 countries decreased by more than 2% in 2008, whereas emissions in developing (Non-OECD) countries rose by almost 6%.  Most of this increase was due to increased emissions from coal.

Source: International Energy Agency 2010

Fossil fuels still account for 81% of world primary energy supply, down only marginally on a relative share basis from 88% in 1971.  In developed countries, greenhouse gas emissions accounted for 83% of all anthropogenic emissions in 2008.

China is now the highest emitter, and since 1990 has almost tripled emissions from a little over 2Gt CO2, to over 6Gt CO2.

In the past six years China showed dramatic growth in CO2 emissions from electricity and heat generation, which represents 48% of China’s CO2 emissions in 2008.

Source: International Energy Agency 2010

While the IEA projects that China’s emissions growth rates will slow to 2.9% out to 2030, at that date emissions will be almost twice current levels.

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