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China’s Projected Coal Consumption Growth – Implications for Greenhouse Gas Emissions

August 11, 2010

China will more than double its consumption of coal by 2035, with an average annual increase of 2.6% , according to projections.

Data Source: EIA (Washington)

China is the major contributor to coal demand growth.

The implication of this demand growth on future greenhouse gas emissions is clear.

World Carbon Dioxide Emissions From Coal Combustion (billion metric tons)

Source: EIA (Washington)

The increase in fossil fuel use in China implies a large relative increase in China’s per capita greenhouse gas emissions.


Non-OECD Carbon Dioxide Emissions Per Capita by Country and Region (metric tons per person)

Source: EIA (Washington)

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    August 13, 2010 10:42 pm

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  2. Casa Food Shed » Blog Archive » Global emissions growing rapidly – and growing beyond control

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