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Australia to Continue Domination of Coal Exports to Asia

August 11, 2010

Australia already accounts for a fifth of all steam coal exports, but over a third of all steam coal exports to Asia.

The importance of Asia as an Australian export market for steam coal will continue, according to projections.

Exports to Asia from Australia will more than double in the next 20 years.  Australia is due to overtake Indonesia as the single largest steam coal exporter to Asia by 2020.

Australia’s dominance as a coal exporter is reflected also in the current and projected share in coking coal exports.

Australia is, and will remain, by far and away the largest exporter of coking coal both to Asia and the world.

Australia will continue to contribute over half of all coking coal exports, and two thirds of coking coal exports to Asia.

Data Source: EIA (Washington)

It is clear that Asian exports will continue to dominate demand for Australian coal.

At such rates of coal export increase, it is interesting to consider what certain parts of Australia will look like after twenty years of significantly expanded open-cut coal mining.

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