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WTO and Climate Change: The Issues.

July 29, 2010

We admit some interest in the proposition that there is an important relationship between trade and environment.

The July 2010 World Trade Report which focuses on natural resources signifies, helpfully, that the main global trade body shares our interest.

There happens to be an interesting book re-publicised at approximately the same time as the WTO report. 

The book goes into some detail in analysis of pertinent cross-overs between attempts to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, while protecting domestic industry, in view of an overarching preservation of benefits of free trade.

As such, it is our responsibility to notify our readers of the publication.

Imaginatively, the book is called ‘Global Warming and the World Trading System’, by Hufbauer, Charnovitz, and Kim.

The book is published by the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

Charitably, though unfortunately for the authors, the full publication is available for nix at their web address. 

A rip-snorting action romance it is not.  Of interest to the curious and the specialist it is.


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